Gail's Quilts & Things

All prices are based on a per square inch charge. To estimate the cost, multiply length X width. This gives you the total square inches, multiply this figure by the type of quilting you would like. Example; 72" X 90" = 6480 square inches X .015 = $97.20. Prices may vary depending on the design and the density of the quilting. Prices shown below are estimates. I will be happy to work with you to find a design in your price range.

Edge to Edge/Overall Quilting - .015 - .017 per square inch (Minimum charge of $45)

  • This is one design using a simple pantograph, large stipple, meander, or large free motion quilting.

Edge to Edge Plus - .018 - .020 per square inch (Minimum charge of $45)

  • This is a more complex edge to edge design, may have different border/sashing design.

Custom Design - .035 - .05 per square inch (Minimum charge $50)

  • Different design elements for blocks, borders, and sashing. Also includes stitch in the ditch, ruler and template work, stencils, and echo quilting. There are many options to choose from.

Backing - If you would like me to piece your backing with fabric provided by you, there will be a charge of $5.50 per seam. Wide backs can be very economical and provide a beautiful finish to your quilt. They are available at many local quilt shops as well as online fabric stores. There is an additional cost if I need to square and/or press your backing.

Batting - You can provide the batting or I have access to Warm Company and Quilters Dream Products. Cost can vary depending on the size and type of batting, i.e. cotton, polyester, or blends.

Thread - I use Superior and Fil-Tec threads. There are many types (cotton, polyester, and metallic) as well as colors available. If I don't have the thread you would like I will be happy to order it at no additional charge. Final costs will depend on the type of thread used as well as the density of the quilting.

Binding - Cost is based on a per linear inch, length + width X 2 + 10". Take this measurement times the binding method you would like.

  • Machine attach one side of customer prepared binding. - .045 per linear inch
  • Machine attach second side of binding. - .045 per linear inch
  • Construct and attach one side of binding with fabric provided by customer. - .08 per linear inch
  • Hand finish second side of binding. - .50 per linear inch

Basting - If you are a hand quilter, I can base your quilt layers together at a minimal cost.

Payment - At this time I can only accept cash or check.

Additional charges may be incurred for quilts that are not pressed, have piecing problems, wavy borders, seams needing repair, etc. I will call you with any problems I may find before quilting and we can discuss how you would like to proceed.