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Preparing Your Quilt for Long Arm Quilting

  • If your quilt top is directional please mark which side is the top right or left.

  • Trim all stray threads from the top of your quilt. If dark threads from the back of your top are showing through a light fabric please trim those as well.

  • Please do not embellish your quilt top until after the quilting is finished.

  • Make sure that all seams are secure. Sew a line of stay stitching 1/4 inch from the outside edge of the top. This will prevent any seams from separating when loading and quilting your top. An easy way to do this, and what I always do when piecing, is to back tack all seams when constructing your blocks and top.

  • One of the most common problems that longarm quilters face are borders that don't lay flat and tops that are not square. Before adding your borders measure your top through the middle, top and bottom. Average those measurements and cut your borders based on that what that average number is. After applying the lengthwise border, repeat the process to apply the other borders. This will ease in any fullness that may exist in the body of the quilt and give you flat borders. Please press your top.

  •  If you are providing the backing it must be at least 10 inches longer and wider than the top. Please make sure that it is squared and pressed. If your backing is pieced, remove all selvages and use a 1/2 inch seam allowance. There are many wide backings available that can give you a beautiful finished quilt that make the quilting process easier for you and me. I will not accept bed sheets for the backing.

  • If you are supplying your own batting it must be the same dimensions as your backing. I do have access to cotton, wool, polyester, and blends by Warm Company and Quilters Dream.

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. I can be contacted by phone Monday - Friday 9 AM to 5 PM 360-903-3773 or by email at anytime,